Our experienced and talented team offer customized experiences by balancing creativity, skill and intuition in all of our hair and color services. All Pure hair services are accompanied by a complimentary Aveda sensory experience using aromas that balance the mind and renew the inner spirit.


Cut & Style

Stylist Master StylistCreative Director Art Director Artistic Salon Director
Blow Dry 59.- 66.-76.- 80.- 85.
Cut & Blow Dry 99.- 117.- 138.- 150.- 160.
Chignon/Up-Do 117.- 117.- 138.- 150.- 160.
Bridal Hair (incl. trial)--230.- 230.- 250.-
Men’s Cut & Finish 59.-69.- 80.- 90.-95.-
Men’s Styling 40.- 40.- ---
Children under 636.- 36.- ---
Children under 1241.- 41.- ---

Hair Extensions & Straightening

Hair Extensions

100% natural human hair extensions add body and volume to your own hair or up to 60cm in length in just a few hours. (Priced on consultation)

Yuko Straightening System

A permanent hair straightening system that conditions the hair, leaving it enriched with unbelievable silky shine.

  • 4 hours 680.-
  • Long hair extra +50.-


Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director Art Director Artistic Salon Director
Permanent Color from 98.- from 98.-
Deposit Only Semi-Permanentfrom 93.- from 93.-
Men’s Reshade Color from 47.- from 47.-
Gloss/Tone from 68.- from 68.-
Gloss/Tone with Highlights or Colorfrom 47.- from 47.-
Half Head Highlights (balayage) from 130.- from 140.-
Half Head Highlights (foils) from 145.- from 155.-
Full Head Highlights (balayage) from 170.- from 180.-
Full Head Highlights (foils) layage) from 184.- from 195.-
Enlightener Blonding (full bleach) from 165.- from 165.-
Color Package – Permanent Color & Gloss/Tone from 145.- from 145.-
Color Package with Parting Highlights from 200.- from 220.-

Hair Extensions & Straightening

  • Long Hair Extra +20.-
  • Olaplex Color Repair up to 7.5ml 45.-
  • (extra 3.75ml) +12.-
  • Maria Nila Color Refresh Mask +38.-

Hair & Scalp Wellness

Hair Spa

A treatment for the hair and/or scalp that is customized to address specific needs.

  • 15 minutes Hair or Scalp Treatment 31.-
  • Deep Conditioning/Nourishing Treatment 20.-

Olaplex Rebuild Treatment

Restores compromised hair and provides the ultimate breakage insurance.

All hair & scalp wellness services exclude blowdry.
Long hair extra +20.

Special Hair Services

Hair Makeover

We will work with you to create a complete new look (color, haircut and style) following a thorough consultation. (Priced on consultation)



Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat
Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat
Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat
Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat
Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat
Pure Hair Pure Urban Retreat